The Revolutionary Ketamine

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How a Little-Known Drug Cures Depression and Saves Lives

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The word captivates us, and the truth is suicide captures everyone’s attention. Suicide is a tragedy usually preceded by plenty of pain.

About 1 million go through with the act each year. Imagine if your loved one is determined to end their life, and you could get them help. After reading Revolutionary Ketamine, you will understand:

  •  Suicide’s devastating cost to society and how to prevent it
  •  Why children and adolescents are committing suicide
  •  How ketamine stops suicide in its tracks

Suicide is the stuff of other people’s nightmares until it happens to someone you love. Time simply stops, leaving you wondering what could have been done. Suicidal ideations hijack our brains, telling us to end our lives prematurely. What if we could remove this hijacking device? Ketamine is the one drug we have today that can safely halt suicidal ideations, yet most have never heard of it. To those who say more studies are needed to know if ketamine helps with suicidal ideations and depression, I offer you this admonition before trying the drug. If you are suffering from depression and suicidal ideations, the risk versus reward is clearly in favor of using ketamine now. Don’t wait.

Dr. Edwards, the author of Revolutionary Ketamine, is committed to helping those who need never become statistics at all and will equip you with the tools to save your loved one’s life, or possibly your own.


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