As a physician and a present day practicing athlete, Doc Edwards knows what it takes to compete and excel at today’s levels of competition.  He’s a high performance nutritionist for professional and amateur athletes alike, and with his expert guidance you can learn how to obtain optimum wellness and weight control or for a peak performance. For the past 20 years Doc Edwards has been developing his system for athletes and patients which includes education, individualized programs, dietary changes, selected mineral and vitamin supplements, and exercise prescriptions. Doc Edwards understands how to analyze your body and blood test results for your best performance. His focus has been on nutrition and wellness medicine and how it affects athletes and patients alike.


If you would like a consult, please contact Doc Edwards at Dakar Rally Services Doc Edwards is a veritable expert when it comes to the famous Dakar Rally.  Completing five Dakar rallies supporting the USA Red Bull KTM Dakar Rally team, Team Robby Gordon, and Team Husqvarna. Doc Edwards has experience of how to navigate the pitfalls and little known secrets of how to complete the rally. Doc Edwards even published a book on how to prepare for the Dakar Rally with veteran Scot Harden, called Chasing Dakar a riders guide to adventure riding and rally. If you have an interest in preparation for the Dakar rally or other motorcycle events, please contact me.