Chris Blais

Chris Blais (born 3 January 1981) is an off-road racing rider from Apple Valley, California.

Chris was chosen to ride for the USA Red Bull KTM Dakar Rally Team in 2005 after he won the KTM Red Bull Dakar Rider Rally Rider Search. The Rider Search was featured on the OLN television network (now defunct).

Blais was the top American Rookie and 9th overall finisher of the 2005 race, 4th overall finisher in 2006, and 3rd overall of the 2007 Dakar Rally riding a KTM 690 Rally motorcycle; when it was in Africa.

Chris was severely injured Sunday August 5, 2007 while pre-running for the Vegas to Reno race. He crashed off his bike and suffered a crushed T-7 vertebra in his back. This injury has left him paralyzed and he functions very well as a paraplegic. I helped Chris throughout much of his career during the Dakar Rally and I still help him out with many of his medical needs even today.

Today, Chris and his wife Patty run Chris Blais Racing Services where they run a race shop as well as sponsor many rider such as Kyle Mercier.

Chris is a true champion in every sense of the word.Chris Blais Mental Focus Dakar Rally Article